Meet UTV Racer, Ken Brown

Published On March 21, 2023 | By Spencer Hill | Top Posts

Albuquerque UTV Racer Ken Brown got his start and off-road racing by happenstance. He had just purchased his first off-road vehicle since moving to New Mexico in 2005, on his way back to Albuquerque, he passed by a race in Southern Colorado with the vehicle he had just purchased from Kansas City Missouri. 

“The organizer asked if I was here to race, I told him I just purchased the vehicle and knew nothing about off-road racing! He asked me do you have a helmet? I said I do, he said then you can run what you’ve brung! I finished the race on all fours and was hooked from that point forward. I started looking into off-road racing venues near Albuquerque but didn’t find a lot. I finally got in touch with a few guys that were running the Pure Offroad Racing Series in Cal City, California. That first vehicle was a Joyner Sand Viper 800. Underpowered, incorrectly set up, and barely race legal! I completed only two laps, while losing three tires and rims, and blowing the motor. Since that first race, I’ve managed to back up several class victories, with a first overall.”


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