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Continuing the Legacy of Uranium Capitol Speedway

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Interview with Jason Bodley and Codi Orozco

By David Swope



Uranium Capitol Speedway was established in 1969 and is one of the oldest tracks in New Mexico currently running. Unique in the fact that the track is member owned, “the track will be open as long as someone pays the property tax,” said Jason Bodley, board member of the newly renamed track. Legacy Speedway “is really fan base and driver based. If you’re a member, you can attend our board meetings, you can put yourself on our agenda to talk about issues at the track and I think that’s what makes it really unique,” said Codi Orozco, secretary and PR representative. “I mean, I myself started as a spectator and now I’m a secretary and run their social media so anybody can step in and help. If you know you love racing, come on out and help us because it’s a great place to be.”


Uranium Capitol Speedway became Legacy Speedway in late 2022. “People from all over New Mexico have raced here in Grants. A lot of people grew up here, so we wanted to keep that Legacy in our name and somehow to honor the past with moving into the future – so Legacy,” explained Codi. “We talked about a lot of names that were thrown out there but that’s what ended up sticking.”


 A typical Saturday night will include Cruisers, Hobby Stocks, Stock Cars, Micro Sprints and X-Mods. “We have a Hobby Stock Division. That class is very interesting because we had Albuquerque Stock Cars, which is a Hobby Stock with headers,” explained Jason. “And then we had the Grants Hobby Stocks which are the same car with stock exhaust and then there is the IMCA Hobby Stock. So, we’ve kind of put together a rule that encompasses them all so that our entry-level racing will allow these guys to come and compete. We have a Stock Car division, and we are moving forward with sanctioning.”


“Our X-Mod Division will be sanctioned as well,” said Jason. “We have received a lot of A-Mod drivers reaching out to us. We do not schedule A-Mods, because quite frankly, the division has dried up locally.” Codi added, “We just added the Mini Sprints, so they have been added to the (new) schedule.” 


Legacy Speedway may have the best sunset view from the grandstands especially since “racing starts at sundown.” It’s just a quick drive from Albuquerque, west on I-40, to enjoy some local hospitality and a track that is still a classic! 




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